Elisa Peroni

Elisa Peroni

Maître de Conférences Equipe de Chimie Biologique - Laboratoire BioCIS Coordinatrice Relations Internationales Dpt Chimie Directrice de la plateforme PeptLab

Chargé (e) de cours , Directeur

BioCIS - Biomolécules : Conception, Isolement, Synthèse

  • Adresse : Equipe de Chimie Biologique - Laboratoire BioCIS Bur. F 245 (Bât. F, 2è étage) CY Cergy Paris Université 5 mail Gay-Lussac 95031 Neuville sur Oise
Domaines d'expertise

Scientific Fields of interest

Chemical biology. Peptide  chemistry. Development of innovative synthetic solid-phase strategies. Microwave assisted peptide synthesis. Bioorganic chemistry of peptides and proteins. Unnatural amino acids orthogonally protected for peptide synthesis MW-technology.
Peptide based biomaterials.
In vitro Diagnostics and peptide biomarkers. Autoimmune diseases. Molecular mechanisms of immune-mediated autoimmune diseases. Glycoconjugates as diagnostic and prognostic tools for diseases. Biophysical studies. Peptide-protein, protein-protein interaction studies. Proteomics. Immunochemistry. Antibody characterisation. Immunoenzymatic tests on solid phase and in solution. Immunoaffinity chromatography for purification of antibodies. Fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET).

Activités / CV

Dr. Elisa Peroni. Born on 2.6.1973.
Maître de Conférences, hors classe
Director of the Platform PeptLab@CY of the CY Cergy Paris University
Laboratory BioCIS ,Chemical Biology Team, CY Cergy Paris University

Education and training

2002-2004           PhD in Chemistry. University of Florence, Italy.
2001                   Fellowship in Drug delivery for lung cancer therapy Pharmaceutical Company Sigma–Tau & Institut für Polymere, Eidgenössische                              Technische Hochschule, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland
2000                    Fellowship in supramolecular chemistry. Center for colloid and surface science, University of Florence, Italy.
1999-2000           Fellowship in peptide dendrimers synthesis. Dept of Organic Chemistry, University of Florence, Italy.
1998-1999           Laurea Degree University of Florence, Italy.
Professional Experience

Since 2020          Director of the Platform PeptLab@CY of the CY Cergy Paris University
Since 2013          Coordinator of the International University Diploma (IUD) in Chemistry and Physics of CY Cergy Paris University
Since 2009          Maître de Conférences Laboratory BioCIS   Chemical Biology Team, CY Cergy Paris University
2006-2009           Post-doc fellowship on the study of the role of sugars in the aetiology of multiple sclerosis. Harvard Medical School (Boston                                       USA) & Dept. of Physics, University of Florence, Italy.
2005-2006          Post-doc fellowship o on synthesis of modified peptides as synthetic antigen in autoimmune diseases. University of Florence, Italy.

Communication of the scientific activity

Coauthor of 25 articles in peer-reviewed international journals and 19 peer-reviewed articles in books. 56 communications at International Symposia (1 oral communications and 55 posters). Moreover she presented 4 invited lectures in International Symposia and Universities.