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BioCIS (UMR CNRS 8076)
Team of Chemical Biology

Since January 2020, the Chemical Biology Team of CY Cergy Paris Université has joined the UMR CNRS BioCIS (Biomolecules: Design, Isolation, Synthesis) of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Paris Saclay.
The Chemical Biology team is located on the university site of Neuville/Oise.
The team brings together researchers on the general theme of chemistry oriented towards the life sciences. We study the synthesis, characterization and evaluation of biomolecules, as well as the development of new synthetic methodologies.
We are specialized in the chemistry of modified amino acids and in particular fluorinated peptides, glycosides, glycopeptides, for applications in the field of biological chemistry and medicinal chemistry.
The skills of the team members include, among others, the chemistry of organofluorine compounds and glycosides, organometallic chemistry, asymmetric synthesis, solid surface synthesis of peptides, structural and biophysical analyses.


BioCIS in a few figures

  • 18 Permanent members
  • 5 Post-Doctoral fellows
  • 11 PhD Students
  • 7 Publications 2024